Program Highlights

Program Highlights

What Do Investors Look For? Challenges and Opportunities in the HealthCare and Digital Medicine

  • How to allocate a unique investment?
  • Value assessment
  • How to be ready for a US Exit from Day 1

Digital Health as a National Strategy How to Protect Sensitive Data

 The Hospitals’ Role in Healthcare Innovation

  • Applying predictive analytics for improving hospital flow
  • Access: data, patients, space, clinical advisors
  • Wider business plan
  • Micro-companies
  • Admin and formalities

Lodz – Polish Silicon Valley for Healthcare Innovations

  • Why is Lodz the most attractive city for the healthcare innovations sector in Poland?
  • Current projects and initiatives organized by the city.
  • What does the future holds for Lodz?

Effective Ways of Funding Your Startup

  • Effective methods for getting funds for business development?
  • What to look for when looking for  funding?

The Future of Pharma – An Overview of Innovative Biotech Companies

  • Chalenges and opportunities infront of the pharma companies in Poland
  • The latest trends in the sector

The Green is Here : Medical Cannabis- A New Player in the Market

  • A world Overview regulation
  • Economy overview from Startup to exit
  • From plant to pharma
  • Technologies for Delivery Methods
  • Risks and benefits